Tony Tasset redefines what it means to be "in" the Whitney Biennial with an installation at Hudson River Park that attempts to name the world's artists, about 400,000 of them. There is something powerful about the gesture of naming names, suggesting that there is a distinction between artists and the rest of us, giving Andy Warhol and Michelle Grabner the same treatment. There is also something poignant about this piece. Is something being memorialized here? Some of the Milwaukee artists I found included Shimon Lindemann, Beth Lipman, Tom Bamberger, Dick BlauSonja Thomsen , Tara BogartFaythe LevineRoy StaabNathaniel Stern, Steve Wetzel, Ken Hanson, Nicholas Frank and others. Tell me if you'd like me to find your name, and I will look if I get a chance to return.

Dear friends, please come celebrate with me at my first Chelsea gallery exhibition, with a group of artists I have been working with over the years. It's a pop-up exhibition at 526 W. 26th (Elga Wimmer). I will be there open beginning Saturday Feb. 1st. The opening reception is Friday Feb. 14th, 6 -8pm. With Joan Bankemper, David Chow, Simon DraperJoy GarnettFariba HajamadiRoy StaabChrysanne Stathacos and Marion Wilson.


how easy it is to walk in the snow matching the left foot to the left foot for the patter of drawing the whole work, one side and then the other, look and the fill in all in video.

and then the Valentines process continues to have a full heart.

Valentines are a stylized heart; in the very late moment of the bright setting sun I walked  on to the snow covered pond on the very east end that is still in the line of the sun.  I realize I have to walk in and straight toward the sun and then made the right lob around and walking back to the point.  The left side.. can I make it equal in size, I watch with my eye walking around, and then down the center line in the same footsteps.   back to photograph ... that is enough for the simplicity of Valentine's Day.  

and then we had another snow that covers all making the crusted snow soft as I came to make a Valintiens work... there the triable is soft....three days old.